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Shanghai Joyal talks to you about high-pressure mills


The high-pressure mill produced by Shanghai Joyal has a very important position in the industry. As long as it is an ore with a Mohs hardness not exceeding 9.3, it can be ground, such as quartz stone, marble, ceramics, garnet, iron ore, etc. , Can grind more than 400 kinds of materials, is it very powerful? So in what fields can high-pressure mills be used?

High pressure mills are indispensable in thermal power plants. The most used in power plant desulfurization is limestone desulfurization, and limestone desulfurization is inseparable from high pressure mills, so high pressure mills are also very common in thermal power plants. In the glass industry, high-pressure mills are also indispensable. The raw materials for making glass are mainly from limestone and quartz sand, and high-pressure mills are mainly used for grinding limestone and quartz sand. High-pressure mills are also very popular in the steel industry. High-pressure mills are indispensable in the construction industry. Limestone is widely used in the construction industry, and the amount is also very large. Therefore, high-pressure mills are used. Its important role.
There are six types of YGM series high-pressure mills produced by our Shanghai Joyal. The minimum production volume is 0.3 tons per hour and the maximum production volume is 22 tons per hour. Can meet the production needs of various customers. The particle size of the finished product of our high-pressure mill can be adjusted freely between 30-425 mesh, which also brings great convenience to customers in the production process.

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