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Several faults to know when using the wet ball mill teach you how to solve


The wet ball mill produced by Shanghai Joyal mainly grinds the crushed materials again, such as cement and lime powder. Although it is called a wet ball mill, it can not only wet grinding but also dry grinding. Some problems will inevitably occur during the operation of the wet ball mill, so do you know how to solve these problems? Let the editor of Shanghai Joyal give you a good talk.

When the wet ball mill is used for a long time, do you find that its production volume is getting smaller and smaller than before? Do n’t delay the maintenance due to the suspension of production, check your machine quickly, there may be a scrape inside The board is worn out. If it is severely worn, its effect will no longer be effective and it will become increasingly difficult to shovel the material. Another point is not to set the tail of the scraper too high when changing the scraper, so that it cannot send the material to the grinding ring and be crushed, which will greatly reduce your production. Another point is that the roller should also be checked frequently to see if it is worn, and if it is severely worn, it must be replaced in time.
Another point is whether the noise during the production of the ball mill is louder than before. If the noise is found to be large, it may be that you added too little material, or it may be that you added too much material, which will cause the phenomenon of excessive noise of the ball mill. Too little material will increase the feeding amount of the material. If there is too much material, the feeding will be stopped. If the noise is not attenuated for a period of time after the feeding is stopped, then it must be cleaned up. Excessive material may be blocked by the machine, causing Not working properly.
Also, if you find that the dust has overflowed, it may be that you did not close the gate tightly. If the phenomenon of dust overflow occurs even if it is tightly closed, it may be related to the damage of the pipe inlet, and it should be repaired in time.

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