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Selection of conveying equipment in sand production line


There are a lot of ore processing machinery and equipment in the sand and stone production line. The common ore processing equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, sand washing machine, sand making machine and other ore processing machinery. The equipment, including the belt conveyor, is an important link connecting these ore processing machinery and equipment. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here talks about the choice of conveying equipment in the sand production line.

Conveyor belts are important components for carrying and pulling materials and running them in a certain direction. The conveyor belt should be selected to ensure that the conveyor belt must have sufficient strength to withstand the maximum tension generated during operation of the conveyor belt; the conveyor belt must have a sufficient thickness to withstand the impact of the material supply and be stable. The operating conveyor material.

In addition, the conveyor belt in the sand production line should have appropriate lateral flexibility so that the conveyor belt can maintain its normal groove shape under no load and light load. Proper longitudinal flexibility allows the conveyor belt to easily pass around the end rollers; and the thickness of the conveyor belt and the cover layer should be able to adapt to special conditions such as impact, wear, corrosion and chipping during the idle process.

The rubber conveyor belt is made up of several layers of cord fabric glue and is surrounded by rubber. The rubber layer is used to protect the core from corrosion and to prevent abrasion of the core by gravel, etc. The thickness of the rubber layer is different for the working surface and the non-working surface. The thickness of the rubber layer should be selected according to the belt speed, material, etc. Belt conveyor is a conveying equipment that is often used in sand production and processing.

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