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Sand and sand washing machine equipment to make a significant contribution to the production line in the sand


Currently, many large construction projects and production lines are required for the number of sand aggregate, for the manufacture of artificial sand crusher plant has a wide range of modern applications that sand production line is composed of many parts, such as sand making machine, sand washing machine and sand recycling equipment, ordinary sand production line has been developed quite well in recent years, has made great progress and contribution to the national economy.


Based on this, our company adopts advanced technology of its cooperation with foreign countries, we have developed together centrifuge rotor Sand, which is the history of the domestic market, high-end sand making equipment, sand making machine has a very wide range of high-end applications, the new Sand has huge inlet and capable of absorbing hard rock and other hard materials size of 60mm. In addition, the high-end dual-Sand chamber rotor structure which has been the factor of our company, this technology increases the productivity of up to 40%, reducing the rotor wear up to 25%, which reduces energy consumption up to 25%.

In addition to sand production line sand making equipment as well as equipment sand washing machine, sand washing machine has the ability to remove mud from the sand and dust, and its new seal structure and reliable driving device by using sand washer ensures effective cleaning function, sand washing machine has a high reduction ratio, low energy and water consumption, low waste sand and so on.

Washing sand production line, sand washing machine effluent contains a lot of clay, fine sand, which will easily lead to blockage caused by sand sedimentation tank ran out. In this case, we can use sand recovery unit to collect sand. Sand recovery equipment is used to reduce the waste of sand, which can not only improve the quality of the sand, but also improve the machinery sand production volume, which will create considerable economic benefits. Sand recovery of waste will be collected by the wet sand production process, so that it increased production capacity and reduce pollution of efficient recovery equipment. Sand the perfect combination of different parts, to prevent pollution of the environment, and in the production process, the problem of low yields, all customers will have a huge economic benefits.

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