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Raymond mill to meet different application needs in the field of limestone


In recent years, with the deepening of economic globalization, rapid domestic economic development, constantly improve the level of urbanization, living standards and quality of living environment and people’s increasing demand, housing construction demand is gradually increasing, so the real estate industry in full swing. In addition, due to the strong support of national finance, railway, highway, subway, urban rail transport water conservancy construction funds for infrastructure projects, cement manufacturing industry has good prospects for development.

Extensive use of limestone in the cement manufacturing industry, the main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, a large number of lime and limestone used as building materials in many industries is an important raw material, limestone can be directly processed into limestone powder is then applied to the relevant fields. Wide range of applications of limestone, stimulate the development of limestone powder processing industry.


Based on the use of limestone powder, can be divided into: Materials limestone powder, chemical limestone powder, limestone powder mold, food with limestone powder and casting with limestone powder. Limestone processing, crushing machine, grinding machine is the indispensable equipment.

On Hai Zhuoya mining machine as a professional mining machinery crushing, grinding equipment manufacturers, since its inception, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, research and development and innovation, which the Raymond mill to develop improved, the machine uses a three-dimensional structure , small footprint, complete and strong fields, from the block to the finished product independent production system, and the output of finished fineness this Raymond mill, sieve through rate of 99%, which is very difficult to have other crushing equipment of. Hai Zhuoya on the research and production of Raymond mill is available upon request limestone powder fineness different, different applications, select the appropriate processing equipment, to meet different application needs limestone areas.

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