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Raymond mill switch


The ore pulverizer is a commonly used equipment in the pulverizing production line. If you are using the pulverizing production line now, then you need to understand the operation of the pulverizer. Having a good milling machine does not operate properly, so the production output will not increase. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces and sells Raymond mills. Let us share with you the use of Raymond mill under normal conditions.
1. Start the Raymond mill under normal conditions
Before starting the Raymond mill under normal circumstances, it should be checked whether the inspection door is closed tightly, and whether the gap between the jaw plates of the crusher conforms to the size of the mill feed;
The normal start-up sequence of Raymond mill is: start the bucket elevator—start the jaw crusher—start the powder separator after the material is stored in the silo—start the centrifugal induced draft fan—start the main engine , start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder immediately after starting the host, and the grinding work starts at this time.
2. Under normal circumstances, when the Raymond mill is shut down, the machines should be shut down in the following order:
Under normal circumstances, the stop sequence of the Raymond mill is: firstly close the feeder to stop feeding—about one minute later, stop the main machine—after blowing the residual powder, stop the centrifugal induced draft fan—close the selection powder machine.

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