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Raymond mill shutdown reasons and solutions for that?


Raymond Mill and High Pressure Mill are the right grinding equipment for the grinding mill. One of our customers wants to build a dolomite grinding plant with a fineness of 100 mesh and a dolomite feed size of approx. Is 100 millimeters, the required capacity of about 3 tons per hour, it is clear Raymond mill and high pressure mill for dolomite grinding station, they can produce a fineness of about 30 mesh -425 mesh.

Raymond Mill and High Pressure Mill are the best-selling grinding machines. They have a stable grinding capacity and good performance in grinding plants. Raymond Mill is suitable for limestone or calcite grinding plants. Our Raymond Mill sells well in Chile, Mozambique, Venezuela and Brazil. Raymond Mill occurred in the grinding device problems, which is inevitable, the common problem is Raymond Mill grinding machine shut down in the factory for what is the reason?
First of all, the possible factors are the size of the feeding too much or the feeding material does not meet the requirements, perhaps the Raymond mill is sent into the large size of the rock or water containing more than 6%, blockage causes the operating current is too large, the circuit protection system automatically Stop at the grinding plant. On the other hand, when iron or other metals fall into the Raymond Mill, they can also cause the Raymond Mill to shut down at the mill. Therefore, we should strictly control the raw materials, screw conveyor, bucket elevator and magnetic separator useful and necessary equipment, they can effectively keep Raymond Mill production line.

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