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Raymond mill maintenance work required to comply with the three principles


Raymond mill is a mill used in a relatively high frequency milling machine models, Raymond mill is often used in mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, as Raymond mill using three-dimensional structure, covers small; easy maintenance; transmission smooth, reliable operation, and other advantages to capture a large number of fans. As late Raymond mill users to choose a good quality can extend the life of Raymond mill Raymond mill, which is critical, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the user Raymond mill routine maintenance it is also very important.

Shanghai Joyal as a professional mining machinery manufacturer for mill Raymond Mill is well aware of the performance of routine maintenance Raymond mill just follow these three principles will be able to achieve the effect of Raymond mill maintenance.

(1) to keep the body clean and Raymond Mill important parts cleaning, timely adjustment, tighten loose Raymond mill parts, to prevent loose and lead to increased wear of components or parts missing.

(2) At the end of the run of Raymond mill, Raymond mill were forced to deal with maintenance, good Raymond mill inspection and adjustment work, while paying attention to the lubricant timely and regular replacement.

(3) a reasonable selection of Raymond mill oil, choose the Raymond mill for lubricating oil required to have a rust-proof, high temperature and other characteristics, but also pay attention to check the Raymond mill sealing machine sex.

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