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Raymond mill is more advanced than the technology and performance of ball mill


As we all know, a ball mill and Raymond mill is the flour mill equipment market is very common in the market have different application areas, more and more of today’s powder applied to various fields to go, and the ball mill is a kinds of traditional mill, Raymond mill is a newly developed, therefore, the latter is a more advanced technology and performance. Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machine mill equipment manufacturer and trader, specializing in the development and production of mill equipment. Our main products are: high-pressure roller mill, Raymond mill, ball mill, micro-grinding, ultra-fine milling machine, we will provide you with the best products and services.


1, by the Raymond mill production of cement having a uniform particle size, we can find the sample after 5 minutes and the final product has almost the same size.

2, the maximum allowable size of the material entering the mill could reach out and chat, little impact on productivity, so users do not need secondary crushing equipment.

3, roller mill small, easy replacement and maintenance, so that the mill downtime is shorter than the ball mill. We use has a long life, long maintenance cycle of high-quality liner. For the replacement of the grinding roll mill, we can take special measures to minimize downtime. For example, if there are three or four rollers must be replaced, you can replace one of them, the others can continue to operate.

4, roller mill is smaller than the amount of wear of the ball mill.

5, due to the volume of the Raymond mill is small, simple structure, it requires much less than the steel mill.

6, Raymond mill can be stable operation, little vibration, low noise, full compliance with state requirements this machine.

Summary conclusions by the experts of the above, if you have any questions about the machine, please contact us. In addition, we welcome any customers of our products are interested to visit our factory.

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