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Raymond mill and high pressure mill, which is better to grind quartz stone


Both Raymond mill and high pressure mill can grind quartz stone, so which one should you choose? When customers choose a pulverizer, they will encounter such problems. This article Zhuoya Mining Machinery will take you to understand the equipment for choosing a quartz stone pulverizer.
When we choose a quartz stone mill, we should consider it according to the output demand and the invested capital. Choose Raymond mill, Raymond mill occupies a small area and relatively small investment. The mill has a three-dimensional structure, and the transmission system can be flexibly configured according to the special needs of the material or the user. Quotations range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Specifically, depending on the size of the model, the 2R model is cheaper than the 6R model, and the cost of materials and production labor is less. But the output is not as high as the 6R machine. R type Raymond mill is suitable for most investment manufacturers who do not need a lot of capital.
There is also an improved Raymond mill, and the finished product fineness is 80-600 mesh/200-22╬╝m. Why is this type of mill called an improved enhanced Raymond mill? The improved mill is improved on the basis of the R-type mill, the system is upgraded, the configuration is more reasonable, and the output is higher; the classification accuracy is high, and the classifier adopts a built-in large-blade turbine classifier, and the particle size of the finished product is within 80-600 mesh. Adjustment. In addition, the improved mill has a large amount of shovel material, and a new type of super large shovel blade is used to send a large amount of material into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring for grinding. At present, the purchase volume of users is quite large. The price is also around hundreds of thousands. Of course, the price of using a dust collector with high performance and an automatic packaging production line is still higher.
Choose a high-pressure mill, the working principle of the ygm high-pressure suspension roller mill is similar to that of the Raymond mill, but the grinding device is equipped with a high-pressure spring with a pressure of 1000-1500 kg. When the machine is working, under the action of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, the grinding roller rolls close to the grinding ring, its rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than that of Raymond mill under the same conditions, and the output can be increased by 20%-30%; After the grinding roller and the grinding ring reach a certain wear, adjust the length of the high-pressure spring to maintain a constant grinding pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, so as to ensure stable output and fineness. Therefore, the relative price is also higher.

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