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Process introduction of potassium feldspar mill


If the potassium feldspar needs to be crushed, it should be similar to the equipment used in other ores. The main equipment used are crushing equipment, screening equipment, feeding equipment, conveying equipment and more important grinding equipment.
Let’s first understand the process of potassium feldspar grinding: 1. The feeder firstly feeds the potassium feldspar into the crushing equipment from the vibrating feeder evenly for crushing. 2. Crushing equipment generally refers to jaw crusher and impact crusher, both of which can be used for the crushing of potassium feldspar, but the size of the feed is different, jaw crusher can be used to crush larger pieces of material, It has good crushing performance and runs relatively smoothly. Jaw Crusher Impact crusher is suitable for crushing materials with small blocks, mainly used for crushing coarsely crushed materials. Of course, the choice of the crushing equipment for the coarsely crushed materials can also be selected according to user needs, so as not to affect the follow-up The production capacity of the grinding equipment. 3. Screening and screening equipment generally refers to a circular vibrating screen. This equipment can properly screen out the materials that meet the particle size requirements and those that do not meet the particle size requirements, and send the qualified materials to the bucket elevator. . 4. Feeding The materials with qualified particle size are fed into the electromagnetic vibrating feeder from the bucket elevator. 5. The crushed and qualified materials are evenly fed into the mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding.
Potassium feldspar does not need to be broken. If the particle size of potassium feldspar is not very large, and all are below 3mm, then at this time, potassium feldspar does not need to be broken, and the potassium feldspar can be ground directly with a pulverizer. Powder, because the fineness of the products ground by the mill is much finer than that of other equipment. Of course, the selection of the mill equipment requires you to decide which type of grinding powder to choose according to the output per hour. machine, the selection of the correct model of the equipment is directly related to your economic benefits, so be more careful when choosing.

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