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Pebble sand making machine, pebble sanding special equipment


Pebble sand making machine is a production of sand, stone special equipment. Sandy grain size uniformity, high compressive strength, than the natural sand, hammer broken production sand more in line with high standards of construction sand requirements; it is jaw crusher, PCX sand making machine, heavy vibration sieve and efficient sand washing machine, and use The belt machine is connected as a line. The production line using high-speed rotating wheel to stone to 76m / s line speed throw, the collision in the wear-resistant liner, the formation of stone stone, stone blacksmith broken principle. To ensure the smooth flow of the entire process, reliable operation, energy efficient, energy-saving than traditional equipment 50%.

Pebble sanding machine production principle: pebbles from the hopper into the pebble sand machine, and slide down along the sieve plate, sieve ore in the fall process is high-speed rotation of the rotor on the carbide hammer crushed, And at a very high speed along the tangential direction to fly to the first cavity lining liner, the liner in turn turn the ore back and then the other side of the rotor thrown into the other collision, so that the ore continues to be broken, the material into the first crushing chamber And the hammer on the rotor hammer crushing, and then into the second crushing chamber to continue the crushing of the material in the crushing chamber of the broken not only the formation of the material broken, but also completed the material cavity cavity, until the particles become necessary The size of the final formation of the sand from the discharge port.

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