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PCL series crusher is necessary to select a high quality aggregate processing equipment


In recent years, the quality of the base material of concrete construction, railway, highway, water conservancy and other infrastructure construction and the impact of the life of the key factors has been more and more attention. In order to improve our quality gravel aggregate, the first step is to make the sand making production technology improved. Sand maker technical level and is directly related to the quality of sand and gravel aggregate, it is also the quality of the building and other projects affected.

Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, developed by the company’s PCL series sand making machine having processing capacity and the characteristics of high and stable yield technological upgrading and innovation after. Advanced principle, so sand making equipment have application that features a wider range of more advanced. The device has a sand crushing operations, Sand shaping and advanced features. Sand from the sand processing with good quality, good grain shape, with the management level and fineness modulus is adjustable. It is particularly suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping. PCL series crusher has been proved, sand and shaping effect can be compared with other traditional equipment increased by 30%. The sand making equipment can handle a variety of rock, sand and gravel, river gravel and other building into a variety of particle sizes of sand having a uniform particle size and high compressive strength. More than natural sand sand meet the building requirements and improve construction quality. Necessary to select high-quality aggregate processing equipment for the PCL series sand making machine.

In addition, the bearings are used to fix Sand hammer, impact plate, so that it can better match the motor, Further, since the crusher is usually used in the rotary device and link means, the bearing component is necessary, the sand bearing lubrication technology machine using lubricants and lubricating oil, which can effectively reduce mechanical wear between the parts, improve equipment ?? life. In the main function of the bearing, it is mainly used to support the shaft, however, the only part of its function, and its essence is to be able to withstand the radial load, it will be understood that for a fixed shaft so that it can only rotate, but its axial and radial movement of the control. If the motor is not bearing, it can not continue, because the shaft may be moving in any direction, when the motor is running, it is required that the shaft is rotated, in addition to this, the bearings also have an impact on transport, in order to reduce this effect , high speed shaft bearings must achieve good lubrication some bearing has been lubricated, this is called pre-lubricated bearings, but most of the bearing lubricant needs, because they are responsible for high-speed operation, if it is not oil, not only friction increase energy consumption, but also can be easily damaged bearings.

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