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Old paint of Raymond mill needs to be processed in time


Raymond mill is the grinding and processing operation of ore. Raymond mill needs to be repaired and maintained to be used in the processing of ore for a long time. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Ore Milling Machinery Equipment Factory is here. Let’s talk about how to deal with the problem of the waste paint of Raymond mill. Everyone knows that the exposed surface of Raymond mill equipment is often coated with paint for rust prevention, but Raymond mill is generally for outdoor work, so The paint on the Raymond mill will have old problems, and Joyal and everyone talk about how to deal with these waste paints.

How can I remove the waste paint on the surface of Raymond Mill? Joyal reminds us that sandpaper can be used for grinding, eradicating, wire brushing and other methods. A more efficient blast cleaning method can also be used. The above method has high labor intensity and poor working environment, which is easy to damage the equipment of Raymond mill, and it is difficult to remove the concave corners, and the effect of removing is not ideal.
Of course, users can also use chemical paint remover to treat the old paint in Raymond mill. The general chemical paint removal method can be divided into organic solvent paint remover and alkaline solution paint remover. The organic solvent is mainly composed of a solvent (ketones, esters, a mixture of alkane and a vaporized hydrocarbon derivative, etc.), a solvent (alcohol), a diluent (benzene, a methyl group, etc.), and a thickener (a stone, naphthalene, and the like). Ethyl cellulose, etc.) is composed of four parts.
A variety of methods can be used to treat the old paint of the Raymond mill, and the effect of removing a pair of oil-based paint and putty is poor. Formulation 2 has high efficiency, low consumption, and generally no corrosion to gold chips. Formulation 3 does not contain paraffin, and the paint remover remaining after the paint is not required to be washed with a solvent, and can be washed with warm soapy water to reduce the cost.

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