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Negative pressure mill application of the industry which


With the rapid development of science and technology, industrial modernization process more and more quickly, but the development of industrial modernization is inseparable from the various milling equipment support and contribution. In addition to the current market to use the more common ultra-fine milling machine and the use of a long history of Raymond Mill, the use of new negative pressure milling machine for the development of industrial modernization has added a lot of power, negative pressure mill As a new generation of ore milling equipment, will be in the milling industry exhibition.

Negative pressure mill in the construction industry cut a striking figure. China’s construction industry is developing rapidly, the construction of high-rise buildings can not be separated from a variety of cement stone and other building materials, negative pressure mill for high-rise buildings used in building materials play a very good role. High-rise buildings on the high requirements of building materials, the general firing of red brick has been unable to meet the needs of high-rise buildings. The new building materials are made of lime sand bricks. This kind of building material is mainly composed of silica sand and lime. The lime is crushed by using negative pressure mill, then the silica sand is mixed, and after various technological processes such as stirring, Processing, the main role of negative pressure mill is crushed grinding production of lime sand brick. Its importance Needless to say that we should also know how important, negative pressure mill production directly affect the production of lime sand brick production.
Negative pressure mill as a high-performance milling machine equipment, in many industries have been widely used, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, paint and other industries crushed material. The development of ultrafine grinding technology of negative pressure mill also determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization effect of nonmetallic ore to a certain extent, especially in the country to encourage the independent development of China’s mining industry. Not only makes the negative pressure milling machine raw materials, production technology, technology content has been greatly improved, but also led the international trend of the new mill market.

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