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Micro-grinding bring green future in the use of resources


As an important national environmental protection equipment development, mining machinery and equipment in recent years has developed rapidly in the future development of environmental protection will be a large mill machine direction orientation to meet market demand, technological innovation and other developments, grinding industry environment protection is mainly reflected in the tailings processing and utilization, improve resource utilization efficiency of existing energy.

Under global pressure on scarce resources, environmental protection and high efficiency means the accumulation of wealth, which includes the effective use of industrial raw material crushing and grinding energy efficiency, coal and oil and other energy sources, comprehensive utilization of industrial waste and tailings, etc., micronized powder grinding equipment as an important industry in terms of resource use is more likely to bring a green future.
Outstanding contributions to improve the machinery and energy Shifen resource efficiency, micro-grinding technology is accompanied by the development of modern high-tech and new materials industries and development, it has become an important mineral processing technology and deep processing of other industrial raw materials, modern high-tech technology industry has an important significance.
In recent years, China’s economy has achieved rapid development, micro-grinding plays a vital role in grinding engineering, with the rapid development of the mill, there have been many excellent companies, science and technology of powder from the powder production, equipment manufacturing and R & D applications, and this progress is very fast. Today, we are creating high-quality products, scientific management, improve manufacturing processes and innovative manufacturing concepts, first-class testing and quality control methods, which will be our leading position in the manufacturing sector has laid a certain foundation.

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