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Marble processing technology uses Raymond mill


During the production process of stone bricks and stones, some waste materials will be generated. Nowadays, marble is often used in the decoration industry. In the process of mining marble and making marble slabs, it is inevitable to produce broken marble. Marble waste that cannot be rationally utilized is a huge economic loss to stone companies. So what to do with these broken marble waste? Raymond mill can be used for grinding.

How to deal with marble waste? You can crush the marble waste with a grinder, modify it, and press it into tablets – + Low-humidity bonding performance test. First, grind the marble waste through a sieve and take the powder with a particle size less than 125 ╬╝m. Configure various modifier hydrolysis solutions according to a certain ratio, mix marble powder and hydrolyzate in a ratio of 4:3, and carry out grinding modification. After modification, add fillers, grind and dry. The powder is then granulated, pressed and sintered at low temperature. The sintered marble samples were ground and polished, and their flexural strength and bulk density were tested.

After marble waste is processed, it can also be used in a wide range of applications. The processed marble waste is used to prepare self-compacting concrete. This method has relatively high technical requirements. Heavy calcium powder can be recycled from marble waste. Heavy calcium is usually used as filler and is widely used in artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, papermaking, coatings, paints, inks, cables, building supplies, food, medicine, textiles, feed, toothpaste and other daily products. Used in the chemical industry as a filler to increase product volume and reduce production costs. When used in rubber, it can increase the volume of the rubber, improve the processability of the rubber, act as a semi-reinforcement or reinforcement, and can adjust the hardness of the rubber. Currently, many stone processing companies produce a lot of waste during the production process. Marble, most of these waste marbles are used as fillers or completely processed or buried deep in the seabed, which not only takes up land and pollutes the environment, but also causes a lot of waste of resources. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a method of recycling marble waste to realize the full recycling of heavy calcium powder and reduce the harm to the environment. In view of the above, here we propose a method to recycle heavy calcium powder using marble waste.

Among the equipment for processing marble waste, Raymond mill and ball mill can be selected. Zoya Mining Machinery will recommend economical and suitable equipment according to the customer’s use and needs to ensure that the user’s interests are maximized.

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