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Maintenance of Raymond Mill Bearings


Bearings are an important part of the Raymond mill and the core of a machine’s operation. Once the bearings are broken, the entire equipment will be paralyzed, so we usually pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the bearings of the Raymond mill.

1. The influence of bearing material, the better the material selected for the bearing, the longer the bearing life will be.
2. The thickness of the steel affects the life of the bearing.
3. The heat treatment of the bearing has a great influence on the bearing, and the heat treatment is better, which can greatly extend the life of the bearing.
4. External conditions (outside temperature, humidity, environment, maintenance) are a small part of the reason for extending the life.
5. Factors in the installation of Raymond, which should be run in slowly during installation, instead of directly hitting the bearing by brute force or external force impact, which is the main factor causing deformation.

Factors Affecting Maintenance and Maintenance of Raymond Bearings
1. Too much, too little or aging lubricating oil in the bearing is also the main reason for the bearing to be damaged due to overheating. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricating oil on time and quantitatively according to the requirements of the Raymond mill equipment instruction manual. Generally, lubrication occupies the bearing space. 70%-80%, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings extend their service life.
2. The fit between the bearing cap and the shaft is too tight.
3. The environment of the warehouse is suitable, do not be too humid, prevent the bearing from rusting, and do not put it together with other acidic and alkaline items to prevent the bearing from corroding.

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