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Limestone Raymond machine noise problem


The noise of the limestone Raymond machine is very small during normal production and operation, so when the limestone Raymond machine makes noise, you should check which parts have problems.
During the production process of limestone Raymond mill, too much noise is a common phenomenon. Normal noise is unavoidable, but if the noise is too loud and accompanied by large vibration, you need to pay attention. It is likely that limestone mine There are abnormalities in the Raymond Mill. In order to make the Raymond Mill run smoothly and normally, the user needs to understand the cause of the abnormality in order to prescribe the right medicine.
After the limestone Raymond machine is installed and debugged, in addition to adding oil once a day, the screws are tightened again after a few days of work to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. When feeding, it must be uniform so as not to cause blockage of the limestone Raymond machine equipment. What to do if the working chamber is blocked? Stop feeding first, and use the wind force of the fan to see if the material can be blown out. The observation door is opened or the large observation door is opened to clean up part of the material and then turn on the machine.
Usually when refueling, observe more to see if there are screws or iron pieces in the main engine. If they are cleaned out in time, the existence of screws and iron pieces will also make a very loud sound. The noise of the limestone Raymond machine may also be caused by the fact that the fan is not fixed properly. Check whether the screws are loose. If the fan blades have been replaced, the dynamic balance and static balance must be re-calibrated to ensure the stability of the fan operation.
The noise problem of the limestone Raymond machine is actually very easy to solve. First determine where the noise comes from, and then find out the problem one by one and solve it. Usually, you must observe more when maintaining and refueling. After working for a period of time, it should be repaired and repaired. It should be fixed and fixed, so as to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment without any failure. If you want to use your own equipment like a car, it is to make money for you. Yes, we must understand and understand the truth, and pay more attention to it.

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