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Limestone grinding machine is widely used


In recent years, non-metallic mineral and metal ore, fuel, chemical and other fields of ultra-fine grinding process of continuous development, has become the pillar of the material industry. Non-metallic mineral development is a measure of a country’s scientific and technological progress and industrial development, one of the important indicators of the developed countries, many non-metallic mineral industry output value has exceeded the metal mines. Non-metallic minerals are mainly used to deepen the extent of processing, including ultra-fine grinding, ultra-fine grading, refining and modification. Therefore, the development of ultra-fine grinding technology determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic minerals. At present, we can produce all kinds of ultra-fine grinding equipment and excellent classification equipment in the domestic equipment performance and technology has been gradually close to the world advanced level.

Non-metallic mineral resources are abundant in China. As an important industrial resource, non-metallic minerals can be directly used in agriculture, chemical industry, plastics industry, paint industry and other industries after crushing and superfine crushing processing grade. Limestone grinding machine is widely used, limestone is a widely used non-metallic minerals. At present, due to China’s thermal power plant desulfurization project has a lot of noise, a number of large-scale mill production machinery and equipment is very easy to use.
Over the years, wood as a raw material for paper making, the development of its forest resources, the results in China a large area of ​​forest land reduction, environmental pollution, soil erosion and other serious sequelae, in recent years, we began to find stone papermaking technology, stone mills will process stone Fineness of the specified range, after special processing into the paper we need, it produces paper to prevent water, fog, insects and oil, and in physical properties with good tear resistance and folding resistance, and Wood pulp paper compared to its most important point is to eliminate the waste of resources. In recent years, look at the development of domestic mill, ultra-fine grinding technology has become the mainstream trend!

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