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Limestone desulfurization and pulverization–Shanghai Joyal recommends you to use YGM high-pressure mill


As various industries compete with each other and survive, the mill is constantly being updated and replaced. New technologies and performance are more suitable for grinding a wide variety of ores. With the serious environmental pollution, the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection. Therefore, limestone desulfurization has become a problem that everyone has been paying attention to. So, which kind of mill should be more suitable for limestone desulfurization? Shanghai Joyal comes from recommending a YGM high-pressure mill for you.

The application range of YGM high-pressure mill is relatively wide, and it can grind more than 400 kinds of ore. Generally, the particle size of its finished product is between 30-425 mesh, which can be adjusted freely according to its own needs, plus its performance is also very stable , So very popular with customers. Speaking of what is the difference between YGM high-pressure mill and Raymond mill, in fact, YGM high-pressure mill is the evolution of Raymond mill, which is better than Raymond mill, and the output is also improved, the product size will be more Finer, can make limestone powder play a better effect.

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