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Let’s talk about the method of mineral processing in Shajin Mine.


In recent years, the sand processing technology and mineral processing equipment of the Shajin Mine have become hot projects in the mineral processing industry. What is the mineral processing method and mineral processing equipment of the Shajin Mine? Shanghai JOYAL is a manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. The gold ore dressing is a brief introduction and I hope to help everyone.

The gold ore dressing method of the Shajin Mine has a very low content of gold in the sand gold mine. It is generally required to be beneficiated and enriched by various energy-saving gold-sorting equipment. Among various mineral processing methods, the re-election method is one that has the advantages of energy conservation and other mineral processing. The method of re-election is extremely suitable for the selection of sand gold ore. Therefore, the re-election method is the main method for sand gold ore dressing. Mining methods for sand gold deposits Sand gold deposits are usually mined by gold mining, hydraulic mining, excavation and underground (shaft) mining.

The beneficiation process of the Shajin Mine, the ore dressing method of the Shajin Mine is mainly based on the re-election method. In the re-election process of the Shajin Mine, it is mainly divided into:

1) Washing operation

The purpose of the washing operation is to separate the gravel, sand and granular soil, wash the fine mud adhering to the gravel and mix the gold particles inside.

2) Screening operation

Generally, the bulk of the gravel does not contain gold. In order to improve the efficiency of the gold selection equipment, it is generally necessary to screen the sand gold ore after washing to remove large stones without gold.

3) Re-election

The key operation of the sand gold ore beneficiation during the re-election operation is the process of removing most of the waste rock and obtaining the crude gold concentrate. Therefore, the effect of the process directly affects the beneficiation index of the entire sand gold beneficiation process.

4) Selected work

According to different types of sand gold mines, the selection operations can be carried out by various equipments and methods such as re-election equipment, mercury mixing equipment, etc., in order to further increase the gold content.

In the washing operation, the water washing method is generally used for washing, which is simple and practical. It is also combined with the screening operation, and the water is directly washed and sieved on the screening equipment. In the screening operation, the main equipment used is vibrating screen, drum screen, etc. In the sand gold selection plant, the most commonly used screening equipment is the drum screen. In the core operation part of the sand gold ore beneficiation during the re-election operation, some commonly used equipments in this operation include chutes, jigs, etc. Among them, large and medium-sized gold-removing plants use jigs as the main re-election equipment, and small-scale gold-making plants use chutes, etc. Simple, inefficient reselection equipment.

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