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Kaolin superfine mill technology upgrade


Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, pure kaolin is white and delicate, soft soil, with good plasticity and fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Kaolin for high-grade paint, coatings, paper, rubber and other industries is very wide, a great role. The development of the domestic market, the demand for kaolin is very high, the fineness of kaolin is also very high requirements of the processing equipment kaolin also increased. All applications of kaolin must be processed into a fine powder, can be added to other materials, fully integrated. In order to satisfy the requirement of higher fineness of kaolin in industries such as paper making, plastic and rubber products, the fineness of kaolin must be increased so as to improve the quality of the product. With the different requirements of kaolin in many fields, the mining equipment industry also constantly innovates and improves the mill equipment so that it can better act on the grinding process of kaolin.

Modern engineering technology needs more and more high-purity kaolin ultra-fine powder, ultrafine grinding technology in the new engineering technology will play an increasingly important role. The general trend of the future development of non-metallic mineral materials is high purity, ultrafine, functional, high raw materials for processing kaolin as a leader, the comprehensive development and utilization of kaolin. Obtained ultrafine powder is the main means of mechanical crushing, ultrafine powder by mechanical means to obtain ultrafine grinding and grading techniques continue to increase the difficulty of its research prospects. Ultrafine grinding technology increasingly obvious trend of development, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high-tech mill more concerned about the relevant enterprises, while fine grinding equipment with fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment also by non Metal mine deep processing enterprises attention.
Huge kaolin market demand affects the entire mining machinery industry pace of development, as a deeply rooted in the milling machine R & D and manufacturing high-tech enterprises, Haizhuoya has accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacturing, the production of ultra-fine ring roll The mill is widely used in the field of non-metallic mineral milling such as kaolin. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted freely between 325-2500 meshes. It has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as rolling, milling and impact. It is a field of ultrafine powder processing A rare new energy saving equipment. Zhuo Ya Kaolin superfine mill green, clean thoroughly, the use of all-pulse dust collection system dust collection, efficiency up to 99%, this system uses pulse injection-type cleaning, cleaning kinetic energy is more thorough, is energy efficient Environmental mainstream equipment, praised by the market and love.

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