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Kaolin fine grinding bearing performance of poor cooling


Micron grinding of kaolin materials are many, mainly fan, reducer, analysis machine, grinding ring, blade and other components from the point of view of the structure of the micro-grinding, micro-grinding equipment is the core of the bearing components, the use of roller and The user’s operation there is a certain relationship between the powder grinding bearings into the powder directly affect the issue of the material. Poor bearing cooling kaolin is a common phenomenon of micro-grinding, this phenomenon will have a direct impact on the normal operation of micro-grinding mill and production efficiency, the general wear-resistant micro-mill bearings are mainly manifested in the following phenomena:

1, two different levels of micro-grinding mill bearings inconsistent with the motor rotor and mill rotor is not concentric, both cases will make the bearing by the impact of additional load, resulting in poor bearing cooling phenomenon. If this happens, stop the machine immediately and check the cause before troubleshooting.
2, poor lubrication of micro-grinding bearings, such as adding excessive oil, lubricating too little or deterioration of lubricants are the main cause of poor bearing cooling, then we need to add a proper amount of lubricating oil on a regular basis, the general lubrication Bearing space 70% -80%.
3, micro-grinding bearing cover and shaft with tight or too loose bearings will cause poor cooling. When this happens, stop the bearings and remove the bearing, trim the friction area, and reassemble as required.

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