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Judgment of the quality of quartz stone Raymond mill


Quartz stone Raymond mill is a tool for finer powder preparation of crushed quartz ore. There are many manufacturers of this equipment. As a large-scale mining equipment manufacturing enterprise, large-scale production plants are its hard power , high-quality after-sales service is its soft power, and the development time is long. For the production of grinding equipment, there are various types, whether it is quartz stone Raymond mill or quartz stone ultra-fine grinding equipment, the quality is guaranteed, and its work The principle is advanced, the production process flow, and the grinding particle size can fully meet the needs of users. For some users who have questions about the quality of quartz stone, here are several ways to judge the quality of quartz stone Raymond mill:
1. Identification of accessories materials. The materials of the accessories of quartz stone Raymond mill generally include high manganese steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy steel, and cast iron. Among them, high manganese steel is a better material, and the material of the equipment can be identified by magnetism and appearance.
2. The thickness of the equipment shell. The quality of the Raymond mill can be judged by the thickness of the shell steel plate of the quartz stone Raymond mill. The thickness of the equipment steel produced by some manufacturers does not meet the national standard at all. Such equipment can only be used in a short period of time. The inner shell is worn away, causing the device to not work properly.
3. Test machine with sample. Users can go to the manufacturer for test machine operation. If it is a Raymond mill with poor quality, they can be identified by listening to the sound through the test machine. The test machine can also see the specific working conditions of the equipment, especially the Go to the working structure of the inner cavity of the host machine to see if it is loose or sloshing, so that you can distinguish whether the quality of the quartz stone Raymond mill is good or not.

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