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Joyal Capital crusher equipment to achieve the true sense of the green on


We know that China in recent years constantly promote low-carbon, environmentally friendly economy, China’s gravel, cement, construction and other industries continue to expand, while the crusher industry also appeared in an uproar. Insiders suggested that the elimination of high energy consumption, high pollution dust crusher equipment, crusher equipment green industry has become the focus of attention.

We usually refer to the green environmental protection equipment, configuration refers to the installation of efficient dust in the crushing process, the crusher in the production process to minimize dust spillover. Case limestone crusher, limestone is an important resource for the building materials industry, is used in the manufacture of cement, lime, calcium carbide production of major raw materials, but also an important material for limestone aggregate construction. But according to the survey, many limestone crusher are still some places on the simple assembly of production equipment market, together with the low level of science and technology, which makes crusher equipment waste of resources and serious dust pollution phenomenon.
Shanghai Joyal has insisted on building innovative green energy-saving machinery and production equipment. Limestone crusher, high pressure mill, crusher and other large equipment, in the development process, maximize maximize technology and environmental protection so that the device is running, not only the energy consumption decreased significantly, significantly reduced the rate of dust , low noise, greatly reducing the dust pollution and noise pollution, forming a green and efficient crushing equipment in the true sense.

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