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Joyal and everyone talk about the screening operation in the beneficiation


The gravel production line is a production process. The sand and gravel production line needs more ore processing machinery and equipment, such as crusher, feeder, sand washing machine and other processing equipment. Usually, in order to improve the efficiency of crushing and control the particle size of the product, it is often broken. Screening operations are set up in the mine process, which can be divided into pre-screening and inspection screening according to the different screening operations of the ore dressing equipment. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here will talk about the screening problem in the production process of sand and gravel production line.

The screening operation before the ore enters the crusher is called pre-screening. Its function is to pre-screen the fine-grained portion of the ore that is smaller than the particle size of the crusher, so that the ore that does not need to be broken does not enter the crusher. It can improve the utilization rate of the beneficiation equipment and prevent over-grinding, reducing power consumption and wear of the lining.

When dealing with ore containing high and moist mud, pre-screening can avoid or reduce clogging of the miner’s discharge port. In general, it is advantageous to use pre-screening before each section of the ore. However, the use of pre-screening requires an increase in the height of the plant and the capital cost of the plant. Therefore, when the terrain conditions are not allowed, and the production capacity of the crusher is large, or the coarse crusher is used to fill the mine, there is no pre-screening. Joyal suggested that it can be based on his own situation.

When the ore dressing equipment contains more than 5%-10% of mud (-3mm) and water content of more than 5%-8%, the fine particles will bond into a cluster, which will deteriorate the production conditions of the crushing process and cause the crushing chamber and sieve. Blockage of the holes and blockage and leakage of the storage and transportation equipment. Users can add washing operations to the crushing process. Increasing the washing, not only can play the potential of the equipment, so that the production can proceed smoothly. It can also improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

Because of the different nature of the ore, the method of washing and the treatment of fine mud are different, so the process of mineral processing equipment is also diverse. The ore is a skarn type copper deposit with a mud content of 6% to 8% and a water content of 8', and the crushing process is three sections and one closed circuit. In order to work safely and normally, the one-time washing is carried out on the sieve. The product on the sieve is coarsely crushed, and the product is sieved into the vibrating screen and rinsed with water. The product on the sieve of the vibrating screen enters the medium crushed, and the medium crushed and enters the third. Section closed road crushing ore. The sieved product of the vibrating screen enters the spiral classifier for deliming, and the graded return sand merges with the final crushed product into the next section of the grinding. After the extension overflows into the thickener, buffer and dewatering, the grinding and sorting of the slime is carried out separately.

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