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Jaw crusher tooth plate is a consumable parts that need attention


Jaw crusher is a coarse crushing ore processing machinery and equipment used in the gravel production line, jaw crusher is different from the general ore crusher, jaw crusher can crush the relatively high hardness ore, of course, this pair Jaw crusher wear is relatively large, Shanghai Mining Machinery and we talk about the jaw crusher wear more serious tooth plate.

Jaw crusher wearing parts are tooth plates, due to the different types of crushing material, tooth plate life is also different. Low hardness of limestone, low compressive strength package, a tooth plate can be used more than six months. Quartzite high hardness. Compressive strength is also high, a tooth plate can only use a few days. Jaw crusher tooth plate jaw crusher maintenance funding is a major source of consumption.

When the jaw crusher crushing material hardness is much lower than the tooth plate hardness, jaw crusher gear wear mechanism is mainly strain fatigue abrasive grinding, on the one hand when the gear rack after grinding. Crushing efficiency is very low, on the other hand, resulting in material waste.

Joyal advise you to correctly reduce the jaw crusher gear wear, first, it is best to use the new tooth surface wear hard wear-resistant electrode surfacing a layer of wear-resistant gold, so you can extend the new tooth plate 1 / 2 or so life. Second, when the gear tooth surface grinding down 1/2 height, replace, wear-resistant surfacing.

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