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Jaw crusher cavity type curve


Jaw crusher crushing chamber is made movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate and side walls lining composition. The shape of the crushing chamber by feed inlet size, bite angle, movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate and side walls lining arrangement, vertical and horizontal cross-sectional shape of the liner is determined by other factors.

Cavity crushing chamber direct impact crusher is mainly technical command, such as productivity, energy consumption, product size distribution, grain type and liner service life. With the continuous development of the crusher, especially in recent years raised “more crushing less grinding” Raise lower crusher ratio and improve the quality of the case, whether it is the design of new or existing old crusher crusher improvement, best crushing chamber design is very useful work.
From the crushing chamber curve, we know that the height of each cross section along the crushing chamber of productivity, more and more from the feed opening at the discharge port and the discharge port of the small productivity, therefore easy to plug this place, we have to be cleaned regularly , to avoid affecting the yield.

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