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Installation steps for vibration feeder


Vibrating feeder for the material from the silo or other storage equipment in the uniform or quantitative supply to the receiving equipment, is the implementation of assembly-line automation equipment necessary equipment. With the development of China’s economy, especially the construction industry and highway construction and other projects can not be separated from the feeder machinery and equipment, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment here and we talk about vibration to The installation order of the machine, how to properly install the vibration feeder machinery and equipment.

When installing the vibrating feeder mechanical equipment, the user should first check whether the construction of the bracket structure and platform is correct. The size and pitch of each section are in accordance with the relevant dimensions of the feeder. If the corresponding height of the bracket is not on the same level, Adjust the balance. Mounting the spring spring and the bracket spring in place; and assembling the spring gland with the end shaft on the feed tank body.

And then the user needs to hang one end of the wire rope on the spring; the hopper hoisting, feeding tank before and after the end of the wire rope with the end or spring bearing connected; hanging installation to check the tension of each wire rope, each wire Tension to be basically the same, such as inconsistent need to adjust, adjust the U-bolt after the nut tightened to prevent loosening; installation of the motor to make the feed machine drive shaft centerline is higher than the motor shaft centerline 10mm is appropriate.

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