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Influence of the inspection of micro-powder milled steel on the use


The wear resistance of ultra-fine grinding mainly affects its life, and the life will affect the efficiency and cost, so the factor of wear resistance is very important, and this factor is mainly related to its source steel, so steel The inspection is very important.
The service life of ultra-fine grinding is an important index when we comment on the machine. The significance of its existence is that it will affect the cost and efficiency of production, so the choice of this index is very important, so when choosing , according to what criteria to judge it?
We know that this type of ultra-fine grinding mining production equipment generally uses steel for processing, that is to say, steel is used as its raw material, which has a fundamental impact on wear resistance, so the inspection and selection of steel are very important. It is important to ensure its quality and other aspects, so what are the specific criteria for judging?
Method for inspection of ultra-fine grinding source steel
The first point is that when the steel leaves the factory and arrives at the production base, strict inspections are carried out separately, and personnel are inspected, so as to ensure its quality, whether it is suitable for the production of equipment such as ultra-fine mills, and to check Whether the texture is uniform, etc.;
The second point is to see whether the cutting process is up to standard when the ultra-fine grinding manufacturer is in charge. This is also an important aspect that affects the service life, and we need to check it strictly; because it will affect the production efficiency and service life. , so it needs to be strictly checked, mainly in two aspects.

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