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Industrial Application of Inertia Cone Crusher


Inertial cone crusher has become a widely used crushing equipment, plays an important role in many industrial fields, while the equipment in the structure and performance is still in constant development, inertial cone crusher industrial applications it.
Inertia cone crusher is widely used in materials, chemicals, abrasives, metal and non-metallic minerals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries broken materials, have achieved significant economic and social benefits.

Inertial cone crusher and its industrial application processing of magnesia, open products are all less than 3mm, liner wear resistance than other crushers to 10 times as much, and less energy consumption. By adjusting the working parameters of the crusher, the size of the crushed product can be adjusted to a large extent and the ratio of a grain size product.
Popular use of modern hydraulic technology, not only in the hydraulic cone crusher has been applied in the bottom of a single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher also has applications, and to quickly and accurately adjust the performance shows the outstanding advantages.
Inertial cone crusher and its industrial application output up to 14t or more, the unit power consumption is only the original 4096, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

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