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How to use calcite ultrafine mill


In recent years, with the extensive and deep application of heavy calcium carbonate in plastics, rubber, paper, medicine, food, building materials, chemicals, coatings, feed and other fields, high-quality industrial heavy calcium carbonate raw materials have broad development and application prospects. Calcite is one of them. So how do you use the calcite mill?

Before starting the calcite mill, carefully check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good and whether there is enough grease at the joint of the inner bracket. The staff should also carefully check that all fasteners are fully tightened and that the guards are good. If unsafe conditions are found, they should be removed immediately. In addition, the ore inside the mill should be inspected for ore or other debris, and if so, should be removed immediately.

Ready to prepare is the start-up phase of the calcite mill. During this phase, the staff should check and prove that the machine and the transmission are in good condition before starting. The device can only be started without load. After starting, if abnormal conditions are found, stop immediately and wait until the cause is removed to start the problem again.

Since the price of the calcite mill is relatively high, it is necessary to master the maintenance knowledge in the process of use to ensure that the equipment fully exerts its functions. After the mill is in normal operation, it can be fed. After the material to be ground is evenly added to the mill, side feeding should be avoided to prevent sudden load or unilateral sudden increase. Before stopping the operation, the feeding should be stopped first, and the materials in the equipment should be completely empty before being closed.

There are many brands and models of calcite mills currently on the market, and the working principle is similar. The difference lies in the product quality and after-sales service stage. Therefore, consumers should master the operation method when using calcite mill. The economic benefits have been enlarged.

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