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How to solve the impurity in the powder from the mill?


The materials used by the Raymond mill include marble, basalt, limestone and perlite. The equipment has a high degree of automation and a very stable operating state. There is basically no noise during the production process. It is the user’s preference for various ores. Ideal equipment for milling operations. But after a long time, some users reported that their mill equipment has impurities in the powder. Today I will give you some tips to solve this problem.

Analysis of Causes of High Impurity Content in Raymond Mill
1. Abnormal filtering device
The highly configured Raymond mill is equipped with a newly developed filter at the discharge port. Its main function is to effectively filter impurities and unqualified materials, thereby improving the purity of the equipment. The abnormality of the filter device is generally divided into two situations: one is the damage of the device; the other is the large mesh, and the type and the attribute of the material do not match.
2. The problem of the material itself
The high impurity content of the material itself will also cause the purity of the powder to be reduced. The impurity in the powder caused by this factor has nothing to do with the goodness of the equipment itself. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to make a detailed description of the material itself in the process of processing the material. Analysis and real-time detection of materials are also very necessary.
3. Malfunction of the motor
There is a close connection between the motor and the operating state of the equipment. A motor with excellent performance can improve the operating stability and reliability of the equipment, thereby improving the purity of the material. Therefore, there is a certain connection between the motor and the discharge, so when buying equipment In the process, checking the motor is the key to buying good equipment.
Internal structure diagram of Raymond mill
4. Insufficient cleaning
The cleaning intensity generally refers to the maintenance of the equipment. If the equipment is regularly maintained and maintained, then this is also an effective shortcut to improve the purity of the material, especially the reasonable cleaning of the inlet and outlet. If there are foreign bodies in these two parts, then it will inevitably lead to a high content of impurities in the output.

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