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How to operate jaw crusher


Regardless of any machine, improper operation and use will cause damage to the machine and affect work efficiency. Regarding the operation method of jaw crusher, Shanghai Zoya Mining Machinery will explain to you:
Granite, everyone must be familiar with, is a natural stone. For the utilization of granite, a complete set of crushing systems can be used to achieve ideal pellets and be applied to various fields. Granite itself is formed from igneous rock, which has high density and hard texture and is very popular among customers. So how does the jaw crusher of the granite crushing equipment operate? Zoya Mining Machine will take you to find out.
1. Jaw-type no-load test run
(1) When the jaw crusher runs continuously for 2 hours, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30℃.
(2) All fasteners should be firm without loosening.
(3) The flywheel and sheave run smoothly.
(4) All friction parts are free from scratches, chips and grinding, and there is no abnormal sound.
(5) The adjustment device of the discharge port should be able to ensure the adjustment range of the discharge port.
2. Jaw-type on-load test run
(1) The jaw crusher shall not have periodic or significant impact and impact sound.
(2) The feeding particle size should meet the design requirements.
(3) Continuous operation for 8h, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30℃.
3. Preparations before using the jaw crusher
(1) Carefully check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good and whether there is enough grease at the connection of the thrust plate.
(2) Carefully check that all fasteners are tight.
(3) Carefully check whether the drive belt is in good condition. If it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the transmission belt or pulley, wipe the oil with a rag.
(4) Check whether the protective device is in good condition. If any unsafe phenomenon is found, it should be eliminated in time.
(5) Check whether there is ore or debris in the crushing cavity. If there is ore or debris, it must be cleaned up to ensure that the crusher cavity is started.
(6) Check whether the jacking bolts are retracted, whether the gasket group is compressed, and whether the T-bolts are tightened.

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