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How to maintain the high pressure micro powder mill


The advent of the high-pressure micro-powder mill has brought convenience to people’s lives. The micro-powder mill is a kind of low-energy-consuming ultra-fine pulverizer processing equipment that has been innovated, tested and designed for many times. It has successfully replaced the traditional airflow. The pulverizer eliminates the complicated procedure of grinding and selecting powder by the ball mill, simplifies the production and operation box cost of the pulverizer, and improves the fineness of the product. It has been proved by thousands of users in China that the equipment has the advantages of superior performance, stable quality, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and is an ideal equipment for ultra-fine grinding.
The high-pressure micropowder mill needs frequent maintenance and repair in normal use. Its five maintenance methods, every user should know.
1. Clean the pulverizer, clean the inside and outside of the accessories of the pulverizer, the body, grinding ring, grinding roller, motor, belt, gear connection, etc., all places that can be cleaned should be cleaned. The purpose of this is to find out whether there are any leaky parts and do a full “body” inspection.
2. During the cleaning process of the mill, it is necessary to pay attention to find out whether the bolts of each connecting part are complete, whether there is looseness or loss, tightening the loose ones, and making up for the lost ones.
3. List the faults of the micro-powder grinding equipment into a table, from easy to difficult, and eliminate them one by one. The same fault cannot be repeated, especially the faults related to safety should be eliminated.
4. After the failure of the mill is eliminated, it is necessary to maintain the whole machine, apply butter to the lubrication points, and replace the lubricating oil and gear oil on time according to the requirements of the manual.
5. After maintenance, place the mechanical equipment on a flat and solid site, or park it in a special hangar if conditions permit.

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