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How to improve the purity of the output of the mill?


Users who have strict requirements on the production process will pay more attention to the fineness and purity of the materials pulverized by the mill. Different materials have different application places and scopes. The purity of the material is an important factor in the performance of the mill. The purity of the material is not only related to the mill equipment used, but also inseparable from the operation in the production process. Therefore, Zhuoya Miner reminds users to strictly follow the scientific mill operation manual to improve the purity of materials.
In the production process, the purity of the output of the mill can be improved from the following aspects:
1. Different grinding materials have different purity, such as grinding artificial graphite powder, its purity is lower than that of grinding petroleum coke or pitch coke, and the particle size is coarser.
2. The influence of feed particle size: the feed particle size is small and the purity is higher.
3. The influence of the feeder:
4. If there is too much feed, the damper is easy to block, the output is low, and the particle size is fine. The solution is to suspend the feeding or stop the machine to pick up some materials for reproduction; or reduce or close the valve of the residual air pipe;
5. If the feed is sufficient and the air volume is large, the purity of the milling powder will become lower and the particle size will become coarser. The feed can be increased, or the valve of the excess air duct can be opened.
6. The influence of air volume: the particle size becomes thicker when the air volume is large; the particle size becomes finer when the air volume is small.
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