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How to improve the production efficiency of barite ultrafine grinding


There are external factors and internal factors that affect the production efficiency of the mill. From the aspects of the material itself and the performance of the mill, it will affect the efficiency of the calcite mill. Zhuoya Mining Machine will briefly introduce you to the problems that customers care about.
The hardness of the material, the humidity of the material, the wear resistance of the grinding parts, the composition of the material, and the viscosity of the material all have an impact on the production efficiency of the mill. How to better improve the production efficiency of calcite mill? This is a problem that every customer is very concerned about, and there are four methods. First of all, the diameter of the cylinder of the calcite mill itself plays a decisive role, because a reasonable ultra-fine grinding diameter can improve the grinding capacity of the equipment, thereby improving its work efficiency; secondly, the reduction gear of the calcite mill, which runs at high speed The gears will definitely improve the production efficiency of the equipment, but it must not be increased indefinitely, because running too fast may affect the abnormal heating of the equipment, and even cause the motor to burn out in severe cases, so always keep the running speed rationalized , in order to effectively improve the work efficiency; third, combined with factors such as calcite humidity, viscosity, hardness, select the appropriate type of ultra-fine grinding equipment, in order to give full play to its potential of the best grinding powder; in addition, an appropriate amount of dispersant or grinding aid can be added. To enhance the production efficiency of the calcite mill. In a word, there are many ways to improve the production efficiency of the equipment, starting from the equipment itself, and adding external substances. Either way can improve its production efficiency more or less.
The hardness and humidity have clear standards for the calcite mill. During the use of the equipment, once the hardness and humidity of the feed exceed the tolerance range of the equipment, the order of the equipment operation will be disrupted. The equipment feeding standard is different for each kind of grinding equipment. The calcite mill can grind most of the ores, but there are also clear indicators on the feeding particle size, hardness and water content. If the physical and chemical properties exceed this acceptable range, the operation and production capacity of the mill will be affected.

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