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Venezuela re-transmits the news, Joyal basalt crushing production line shines


The main components of basalt are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (and a small amount of potassium oxide, sodium oxide), of which silica content is the most, about 45 to 50 percent. .
The customer is a mining owner in Venezuela and already owns an iron ore production line. This is a basalt crushing production line. After the introduction of the peers, the company finally chose to cooperate with our company. Main equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, etc. The operation of the equipment in the entire production line is very stable. The customer is very satisfied with the broken finished products of basalt. He also expressed his gratitude and affirmation to the Shanghai Joyal manufacturers, and hoped that Joyal manufacturers can continue to produce such excellent equipment and maintain this kind of dedicated service. Joyal Mining Machinery Foreign Trade Department also replied to the Venezuelan basalt customers. The customer’s affirmation to us is the driving force of our work. We will continue to play our own production advantages and continue to serve more mining equipment investment users.
People who have dealt with basalt know that basalt is a very hard rock mine, and the wear of the crushing section is very large, but its excellent characteristics still attract a large number of material researchers and production traders. Basalt materials are widely used in building materials, abrasives and other industries. We often mention that basalt fiber and cast stone are smelted based on basalt. Basalt fiber is a continuous fiber which is made by pulverizing the basalt rock material at 1450 ° C ~ 1500 ° C and passing through the high-speed drawing of the platinum-iridium alloy drawing and draining plate. It has good stability, and also has electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, combustion resistance and high temperature resistance. A variety of excellent performance. The cast stone is a non-metallic industrial wear-resistant material with natural basalt, blast furnace slag, steel slag and other metals as raw materials, which are supported by the processes of compounding, melting, teaching, heat treatment and other processes, such as regular crystal arrangement, hard texture and fine surface.
If the market has certain requirements on the grain size of the finished stone, and the user wants to reduce the cost per ton of the wearing parts, it can be considered that the rough broken cone is broken and broken, and the impact crusher is placed in the third broken position. On, mainly plays the role of integer. This not only reduces the wear and tear cost of the counterattack, but also obtains a good grain shape.
Basalt has strong pressure resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, low draft, and poor electrical conductivity. It is popular in the repair of roads, railways, airport runways and other construction departments. The basalt jaw crusher combines its characteristics. Designed as a device, when the mouth bite into the non-breakable material, the load of the machine will rise sharply, and the load will be automatically unloaded by the protection device, which avoids the sudden increase of the load on the body, and can be safely used in the material. Very strong and extremely hard foreign matter in the crushing operation.
For the impact crusher, it is characterized by the ability to produce granular stone with double performance of crushing and shaping; the good stone material can add better stress performance to the building, and it is sold in the market. Price, needle-shaped stone and natural smooth stone in nature are difficult to achieve the mechanical properties of multi-edge cubic stone in construction. Therefore, the counter-attack is mainly used for stone crushing sites for construction, providing grain-type stone for roads, railways, airports, docks, and high-rise buildings.
All equipment of the Venezuelan customer’s basalt production line is tailored to the specific needs of the customers, so it is more in line with the customer’s expected production needs. Joyal basalt crushing production line equipment is very well connected, equipment failure rate is very low, and maintenance is simple. The basalt crushing production line equipment has high performance and strong stability, and the wear of the wearing parts is small, and the life of the equipment is longer. The basalt crushing production line has low pollution. Each equipment adopts a sealed link and is equipped with a dust removal device to reduce dust pollution to the environment and achieve real green production.
Shanghai Joyal has been engaged in the research, development, production, manufacture and sales of mining machinery and equipment products for many years. Since its establishment, the company has been producing various ore crushing equipment, milling equipment, mineral processing equipment and building materials equipment, which have a novel and unique appearance. Intelligent and good configuration and reliable performance in one, and fully integrate the scientific and technological connotation, create a new generation of ore processing equipment for each user, sincerely look forward to your visit to our factory! Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. official website contact telephone 400-185-0388

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