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How to effectively control energy-saving ball mill milling system?


In the power plant, the milling system is one of the important systems, mainly on the fineness of coal and water requirements, so that the boiler needs of coal, in the grinding process, energy-saving ball mill system is the main equipment, energy Ball mill exported to many power companies, power plants and desulfurization system for powder production and processing.

Energy-saving ball mill pulverizing system has a direct impact on economic and security, power plant operation of the safety and economic operation, how to effectively control energy-saving ball mill milling system, need to pay attention to the following three aspects:
1,Theoretical analysis and practice show that the ball mill energy consumption and the amount of powder production has nothing to do, to make as much as possible the coal, coal storage should be close to the best coal storage , Which is the key to improve the efficiency of milling system, the ball of coal storage is generally controlled by the regulation of coal.
2, in order to improve the production of ball mill, desiccant should try to increase the temperature, but in order to prevent the ball mill pulverized coal explosion, and should ensure that the ball mill outlet temperature does not exceed the rated value. Therefore, the ball mill outlet temperature control, usually by adjusting the valve opening to control.
3, to ensure the best of the ball mill, so that coal powder good ventilation pipe, coal bunker, and prevent the system of coal leakage, the need to control the ball mill inlet negative pressure, which is generally adjusted by adjusting the recirculation damper opening control.

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