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How to choose grinding line for dolomite grinding powder in Joyal, Shanghai


Dolomite is popular in industry and construction due to its unique chemical composition. So there are many factories producing dolomite powder. So how should dolomite grinding choose grinding line? What kind of grinding equipment should all have?

Dolomite with different fineness can be used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other fields. It is mainly used as a flux for basic refractory and blast furnace iron making, and the ingredient for glass and ceramics production. The whole set of high performance dolomite vertical grinding machine has high production efficiency and large powder fineness.

The use of advanced grinding equipment to grind dolomite can promote the application value of dolomite. The adoption of dolomite ultrafine grinding machine with high grinding efficiency can not only achieve high yield and high efficiency, but also make the processing of dolomite ultrafine powder get greater guarantee. For the production line with a large scale of less than 400 mesh dolomite grinding, Shanghai Joyal mine machine chooses to use GRM vertical grinder and YGM high pressure suspension roller grinder; for more than 400 mesh, we choose to use zym three ring micro grinding.

How to configure the specific dolomite grinding line, it needs to be determined according to your actual situation. If you want to produce dolomite powder, you can contact us. We can customize the production line of dolomite according to your needs.

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