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How to buy quality assurance hammer crusher efficiency


Choose good wear resistance ensure hammer crusher efficiency, but which one is the hammer wear resistance and long service life? To crusher hammer during operation without frequent replacement of trouble, cost-effective hammer a popular choice, which is what?

Shanghai Joyal professional R & D crusher hammer more than twenty years, we have introduced a variety of welcome by customers of high wear-resistant hammer, gold teeth hammer once more become customers sought after products. Super big gold teeth hammer to work under harsh abrasive wear conditions, it is the first in the overall refining and pressure casting technology, steel is more pure, more dense matrix, hammer crusher life longer, use more secure.
High efficiency does not mean that high-speed, high-volume, but operating in the time required to complete a work cycle is short, and long working hours. Shanghai Joyal gold teeth hammer service life than ordinary high manganese steel hammer 50 to 100%, it is a record broken limestone up to 17 months of recording, really good hammer crusher.

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