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How does the mill deal with tailings?


Tailings usually refer to mine solid wastes, including various metal and non-metal beneficiation wastes, that are not suitable for sorting and recycling after mine beneficiation due to economic and technical constraints at that time.

A large number of stacked tailings not only occupy land, cause waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also have great potential safety hazards. The problem of tailings can be said to be urgent.

Tailings are treasures to be tapped. The tailings often contain ingredients that can be used for other purposes and can be comprehensively utilized. The value of these discarded “garbage” is huge, which is tantamount to a treasure trove of mineral resources.

The current task of the mining circular economy is to develop and utilize the large amount of tailings that have been shelved for a long time. With the help of beneficiation technology, the recovery of these metals is no less than building a new mine.

The comprehensive utilization of tailings is an effective method to solve the problem of tailings, and it is also the best way to realize the value of tailings. The realization of no waste discharge is also the need for the full utilization of mineral resources and the protection of the ecological environment.

Metals and minerals are recovered as much as possible from the tailings, and the tailings can be used as composite mineral raw materials for overall development and utilization. Some enterprises have used new technologies to use tailings as the main raw material for ceramics, and tailings as raw materials for building materials.

If the tailings with no great economic value or the tailings with no economic value after secondary recovery cannot be used by the above two methods, they can be used as underground filling materials or pit filling and paving, and can also be used to restore tailings ponds. Land reclamation, greening and afforestation, or building ecological parks, sports and entertainment venues.
The comprehensive utilization of tailings can reduce land occupation and the occurrence of dangerous situations, and at the same time, it can also use the “waste heat” of tailings to alleviate the problem of resource shortage, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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