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How do wet milling machine motor


We all know that the mill as a large mining machinery, is composed of many different parts together constitute important, where the motor can be said to be an important component mill, once the motor fails it means that the entire mill Unable to normal operation. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the user to pay attention to daily maintenance milling machine motor is very important, especially now that the summer season, rainfall is relatively large, open-air mill operations generally not 100% guaranteed motor is not damp. So if wet milling machine motor how to do?

Wet milling machine motor is a very serious accident, the mill will lead to motor burn, resulting in the normal operation of mills can not influence the process of milling operations. Some summary Shanghai Joyal mining machinery milling machine motor wet solutions, and we can share.
(1) hot-air drying method: You can use a heat insulating material made of a drying chamber, the outlet top left, next to the inlet. Air inlet in communication with the heating chamber, the heating chamber with a hair dryer blowing dry hot air drying chamber to the motor.
(2) Lamp Drying Method: You can also take the one or more high-power incandescent bulbs into the motor cavity method for drying.
(3) quicklime desiccant drying method: quicklime desiccant suitable for low temperature retention, excellent drying effect of moisture, it can be used for drying milling machine motor.

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