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High pressure hanging roller mill to achieve a variety of mineral use


In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, after years of accumulated technology, grinding machine type and production capacity with market demand changes constantly changing. When the traditional Raymond mill roll processing of high hardness materials, it has serious wear and tear, roll mill development has been hampered. In recent years, with the roll surface wear and gradually overcome the problem solving, high pressure hanging roller mill has been used in mineral processing field. High pressure hanging roller mill grinding is applied to the field, in an earlier start, it is often used in metal and non-metallic ore and other minerals in the field of grinding operation, it is used as a fine ore crushing or superfine device of.


It is understood that, in mineral processing, high pressure hanging roller mill applications have become an industry standard process. High pressure hanging roller mill Raymond machine is based on the increase of the pressure spring new generation of products, to ensure the stability of the equipment, as well as improve the efficiency of the grinding mill. Substance high pressure hanging roller mill has produced mechanical wear small, its liner and grinding rolls made of special materials, with a long service life, thus reducing operating costs, create high utilization; it comes with an external circulation means further reduce power consumption and product size range, the crude particle size is 0.95 mm (20 mesh). Fines of up to a diameter of 0.033 mm (425 mesh). A small part of the fine material can reach 0.013 mm (1000 mesh), the effect of dust emissions in line with national standards, the analyzer also has a convenient adjustment.

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