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High pressure hanging roller mill safe operation What precautions?


As we all know, high pressure hanging roller mill is a common mill equipment, which is characterized by a small footprint, strong integration capabilities. High pressure hanging roller mill can form an independent production system from a first material crushing to finished powder packaging, all finished production of particles have a good uniformity of fineness, fineness of 98% of the particles meet the requirements, and through a screen pass rate of 98%, which is an advantage other power grinding equipment can not be exceeded.

High pressure hanging roller mill gear unit is equipped with a closed gearbox, smooth and reliable operation, the key components of the mill suspension are made of high quality steel, so the entire high pressure hanging roller mill is durable, reliable, mills electrical system with centralized control, a high degree of reasonable selection of advanced automation, basically, unattended operation can be realized in a milling plant. Light and small vibration feeder evenly feeding, high pressure hanging roller mill adjustment convenient, energy saving, easy operation and maintenance.
Before pressing the crane began to check whether all the access door tightly closed, the gap of the crusher tooth plate matches the size of the feed particle size, according to the desired fineness is adjusted by following these steps: Start → crusher → classifier blower → → → feeder main frame; switch off the machine’s sequence is as follows: the main frame of the feeder → → → blower classifier.
NOTE: transported by the conveyor to the hopper of the material, when the material in the hopper reaches a certain number, the first stop, and then carried out this operation depends on the number of stored material.
In order to ensure safety during normal operation, it does not require lubrication pressure, if any parts of the machine produce abnormal noises or load, immediately shut down the machine and check the troubleshooting in order to prevent serious accidents, before restarting the machine, the first remove residual material, otherwise it will affect the startup operation.

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