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Have you chosen the right equipment for limestone mill production line?


Limestone powder has a wide range of uses and a large demand in the market, so the limestone mill production line is also very popular. The production of limestone powder has different particle sizes to choose from, and the grinding machine selected for limestone powder with different fineness is also different. If you want to start a set of limestone grinding production line, you need to know what aspects you supply and how many particle sizes of limestone powder you need to produce.

Limestone crushing production line in the market needs to crush various ore materials according to the fineness of finished products. Taking 50-225 mesh limestone grinding production line with an hourly output of 100 tons as an example, the equipment required is PE jaw crusher (used for coarse crushing and when the fineness of feed inlet is large), conical fine crusher + LM vertical grinder.

Jaw crusher is generally used for the preliminary crushing of stone. It has the advantages of small area, high efficiency, economic operation cost and simple structure, so it is often used as the crushing equipment of limestone grinding production line.

Limestone Mohs hardness is 3.5-4, hardness is not big, relatively easy to grind, choose Raymond mill is completely OK, compared with other grinding equipment, Raymond mill is a cost-effective product, if you don’t want to invest too much, then choose Raymond mill.

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