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Hammer crusher what most durable alloy of it?


Hammer crusher is a mining, cement used in more crushing equipment, with a crushing ratio, high production capacity, uniform particle size and other characteristics. Hammer crusher parts most common consumables is a hammer, the annual consumption is large, then hammer crusher what most durable alloy of it?
In addition to high manganese steel hammer, high chrome hammer now more and more customers value the alloy is a hammer, a common bimetal composite hammer, high chrome hammer, carbide hammer and so on. Shanghai Joyal super large gold teeth hammer to work under harsh abrasive wear conditions, suitable for crushing hard, high SiO2, strong abrasive limestone. It is the first in the overall refining and pressure casting technology, steel is more pure, more dense matrix, hammer crusher life longer, use more secure.
The company is specialized in the Shanghai Joyal hammer crusher parts manufacturers, after years of experimental research, digestion and absorption of the international advanced technology, the success of the active elements into the steel material, with large gold teeth patented technology, the development of large gold teeth hammer Resistance grindability is 1-3 times that of ordinary hammer!

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