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Hammer crusher hammer buy tips are what


Hammer crusher is commonly used in crushing ore processing machinery and equipment, hammer crusher is mainly the use of hammer to crush the ore and other materials, so for the hammer crusher hammer is very easy to wear Components. Hai Joyal mining machinery to remind the majority of users hammer crusher maintenance focus hammer hammer crusher.

Good crusher hammer can extend the life of crusher, crusher work efficiency. Hammer crusher hammer wear resistance is critical, the current material hammer manganese steel, high-chromium material, alloy material several. Hammer head to wear the impact of chisel-based, different specifications of the crusher, due to the different size of the hammer, the use of different working conditions, its wear failure mode is also different.

Generally affect the hammer crusher Hammer wear and tear of the main material feeding and discharging granularity; rainy season or rainy days of raw materials will also affect the life of the hammer; hammer working parts wear to a certain extent whether the timely negative, right Hammer life is also affected. Hammer crusher purchase also depends on the choice of hammer crusher hammer.

How to choose a hammer for the hammer crusher it? Zhuoya reminder users can see the hammer crusher hammer material; look hammer hammer hammer structure design; look hammer hammer hammer manufacturing process; hammer crusher to see the technical parameters; look hammer broken Machine feeding situation.

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