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Grinder installation skills


In the mining machinery industry, you need to understand the performance of this equipment, whether it is suitable for their own mining production, understand and then decide to buy. And then the production workshop and other circumstances to do a detailed plan, through the modular design technology will highlight the advantages of mill equipment, making its production can be guaranteed.

After the purchase, the plant and the foundation should be based on the installation diagram of the mill to carry out its size, installation location are designed. The basis of the mill should be a high standard of cement, and to be buried in steel, can only pour the foundation, and then buried pipe or cable ditch to dig and other projects.
For the manufacture of milling machine, the grinding roller, rocker arm, column and hydraulic pneumatic spring system of the milling equipment are designed according to the module to effectively control the quality and volume of the single roller, reduce the operation noise of the equipment and improve the operation of the equipment. Sex. In the selection of a comprehensive inspection trial procurement, and the need for engineers to measure the steel to ensure that the batch of steel texture uniform process; in the design, we follow the actual operation of the user simply.
For the foundation of the mill, the need for professional personnel to operate to ensure the safety of the project, in addition to should also be equipped with 2 to 3 tons of lifting tools for the installation and maintenance of the mill. After the cement foundation is poured, there must be a 15 day consolidation period. In addition, due to the poor working environment of milling equipment, often accompanied by a large number of dust, therefore, its accessories on the rust, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsifying performance requirements, the user need to do protection work.

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